Teaching Jobs and Teaching Interviews

Teaching Jobs & Teaching Interviews

If you're on the search for a teaching job, this page can help!  Scroll down and you'll be connected to a wealth of resources that relate to teaching interviews, teaching jobs, career services, resumes and cover letter information, and lots more.

Teacher Interview Questions
Teaching Interview site features dozens of articles and helpful information for candidates that are searching for a teaching job.  There's even an article that features the one-hundred most common Teaching Interview Questions.  Be sure you take a look at the teaching interview discussion forum to chat with others about the job hunting process.

Teaching Job e-Book
This guide:  Teaching Jobs : Teacher Inteview can tell you everything you need to know about landing the teaching job you've always wanted.   It'll teacher you all about how to answer the most common interview questions for teachers, explain the best places to look for teaching jobs, how to build a powerful cover letter and resume, and more.  e sure you check out their teaching job articles section too.

UK Job Network
If you're in the UK, there's an easy site for finding education jobs. New vacancies are posted all of the time.

The Teaching Jobs section at JobsMotion has searchable job postings for teaching candidates, administration, nursing candidates, and more.

Some Interesting Facts and Statistics
About Teaching as a Career

  • About 50 percent of all certified teachers in America have a master's degree.

  • About 50 percent of teachers change careers within the first five years of teaching.  This statistic has stayed about the same for decades.  Low wages and difficult working conditions are the primary reasons for this.

  • About three-quarters of all US teachers are female.  This is the lowest level in four decades.

  • The average age for teachers is 43 years old.

  • About 6% of all teachers in the US are African-American.  About 5% are Hispanic or Asian.

  • Teachers tend to be religious.

Washington Post article: "Half of Teachers Quit in 5 Years"
Written by  Lisa Lambert
Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Page A07 of the Washington Post

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