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This is the page full of resources that will benefit students at all levels.  It's the place where we list stuff that students of all ages (elementary, middle school, high school, and college kids) will enjoy!  The rest of our page is dedicated to teachers and educators... this section is dedicated to their students!

PBS Reading Games
PBS kids has an outstanding selection of reading games for young children.  Many are even branded with their favorite television shows, such as Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Super Why, and Dinosaur Train.  If you have a preschool or primary-ages student, and you'd like to practice reading, you'll want to give PBS' Reading Games a try.

What Kids Say
What Kids Are Saying offers kids educational games including the funny things kids say, their thoughts and help in improving their computer knowledge.  Kids can upload their own short stories, poems, photography, music lyrics, and other creative works.  It's a site for kids 18 and under to express and show off their creativity.  There are no membership fees or dues to join or enter contests, so take a look.

Top Learning Resources
Our friends at Babylic have published a list of the 100 Best Educational Websites for Kids.  The list includes sites, apps, and resources that are both fun and educational for students.  Subcategories include the Arts, Language and Learning, Animals, Social Sciences, Money, History, Computers, and Math.  We've spend hours exploring the resources on these pages.

Goofy Smart Kids
Education Games for Kids from Goofy Smart Kids presents Math games, Reading Games, Art Games, Memory Games, and More!  It's a collection of kid-safe sites and games that are both fun and educational.

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