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Foreign Language Learning

Attention Spanish teachers, French teachers, Italian, Latin, German, and Greek teachers!  Resources for teachers, tutorial sites, and language programs on the Web.

Spanish Teacher
What are the requirements for becoming a Spanish teacher?  How much college do you need?  What do Spanish teachers make per year?  The answers to all of your questions can be found here.

French Teacher Career Guide
Study.com tells you what it takes to become a French Teacher.  Includes information about certificate requirements and teaching certificates.  There's even a fun, animated video to help you learn about this fun career choice.

Duolingo is one of the most popular sites for learning a second language.  The best part: it's totally free.  You can learn to speak Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, or Italian.  It's fun and addicting, kind of like playing a game.

Totally Teaching - Teaching Foreign Languages: Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Lots More!

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