Free-bees for Teachers

Free Stuff for Educators

Teachers love free stuff!  Well, actually they need and deserve some free stuff!  All the Websites mentioned below contain free educational resources for you.  You know what they say:  The best things for teachers and students are free.

Freecycle Network
The Freecycle Network is a not-for-profit network of over 5,000 sites that offer members the opportunity to recycle unwanted items by giving them away to others in their community. If you're looking to either give away or receive appliances, furniture, computers, clothing, or bicycles, Freecycle may be able to help.

Felix's Freebees
Felix's Freebies is an excellent, all-in-one freebie catalogue of free online offers!  Search Felix's for free DVDs, coupons, guidebooks, magazines, bags, sweepstakes, and more!

Free Samples presents free giveaways.  There are new freebees added every day. There are plenty of categories to choose from, including free stuff for educators, free samples, contests, and more.

More Freebees
Amazing Freebies combs the world wide to look for legitimate companies that offer free samples.  When they find them, they post them on their Amazing Freebees Website for visitors.  Lots of free samples, including food, beauty products, tools, books, and more.  All the best stuff is right here - and it won't cost you anything!

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Totally Teaching - No-Cost Resources for Teachers
All kinds of useful things for teachers... and it's all completely free.

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